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Thursday, 28 September 2017 08:48

You can provide the tools - but do they use them properly?

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Once you have an employee protection system, how do you know they are using it?


​Sometimes you provide the right tools, but do they use them in the right way?

One of the most requested features of the TrackaPhone Employee Protection Service by companies replacing an exisiting system, is our administration suite to ensure employees are using the system correctly.

At TrackaPhone we understand how important it is that you not only have a reliable system in place, but that you can monitor usage and ensure that the system is being used correctly.

End users have secure access to update their stored details at any time from their mobile device ensuring that when they need assistance we have all the correct information at our fingertips.

Managers and administrators can view reports on usage, who is using it how often and in what way?

Access levels are configurable so you can decide who sees what detail, e.g. do you want full access to their location information or would you prefer this was only available during a live incident?

​​Diagnostic reports show battery drain, network coverage conditions and much more, as well as when the service is turned on or off by the user.

Emergency Response Centre reports give details of each incident, actions carried out and how they were resolved.

All this and more helps our customers manage succesful employee protection systems and ensure they get value from their investment with minimal effort. 

It's nice to have someone on your side.

​To find out more about our employee protection services and other popular features email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here.

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