protect and manage your people vehicles and assets

Your employees face risks on a daily basis from illness, aggression and accidents and the pressure to provide a reliable system to provide quick and effective assistance in the field is ever increasing. We have the answer from as little as £3 per month.

Employee Protection

Mobile Phone Tracking

Get more from your mobile devices with a location and management system from as little as £3 per month

Asset Tracking

For combating theft, loss or for the day to day tracking and management of your mobile assets we have a solution for you for assets large and small.

Many companies have already realised the benefits of a vehicle tracking system, have you? For better control and management of your vehicles and drivers we have a range of solutions and prices to match your budget.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Specialist Vehicle Installations

We have a range of innovative retro fit solutions for your vehicles and a nationwide specialist installation service.


Latest News

Are you addressing all the safety requirements of your vulnerable and lone Mobile Workers?
You don't always know what you are walking in to Sometimes we don't know the risks we are about to face. One of the most powerful features of the TrackaPhone Employee Protection Service is our Amber Alert System because sometimes managing risk in our day to day jobs can be a bit of…
Written on Wednesday, 21 September 2016 09:27 in News

New Product Offer - Aston Martin Satnav Upgrade

This year we are launching our new innovative product to allow all you Aston owners to get the satnav you really want.

With our unique interface installed we can mirror the screen and the audio from your iPhone directly on to your Aston console giving you up to date applications on screen allowing you to finally enjoy the benefits of being both an iPhone owner and an Aston owner.

Due to popular demand we are extending the offer for pre-orders of the satnav upgrade product. For all deposits paid before end of september 2016 we will fit a rear parking camera free of charge!

To register for this offer please go to our special offers page and select 'Aston satnav Upgrade' by clicking here