The dramatic changes  we have all seen in our working practices has led many organisations to look more closely at the potential benefits of adopting a home working policy after the lock down rules have eased. One of our customers carried out a survey of 600 employees and 30% wanted to continue to work at home and 10% wanted the option to do both.


This requires organisations to consider different approaches to the day to day management, IT and communication requirements and duty of care responsibilities. The question that is now being asked, ‘Is a home worker also a lone worker?’ is not always one that is easy to answer.


‘Is a home worker also a lone worker?’


At TaP we prefer not to focus specifically on ‘Lone Workers’ but instead we encourage you to look at the risks faced by all employees and use this as the measure to determine what practices should be followed to improve safety.  Working alone should be one measure that contributes to that risk assessment but not the only measure.


Our range of service levels from basic buddy systems to fully managed systems with a 24/7 emergency response; and our range of solutions using existing smart phones, specialist lone worker devices, or satellite communication devices means we can help you deliver a comprehensive approach to employee safety across your organisation, matching the level of service and an appropriate budget to the risk of each employee.


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