Cloverleaf are an advocacy service covering areas in the North of England including parts of Yorkshire, North and Northeast Lincolnshire and parts of Greater Manchester, providing a voice for people who cannot speak for themselves under the mental health act, care act and mental capacity act we assist people with all manner of situations where decisions made will directly affect their lives ensuring they have someone looking after their interests. Cloverleaf also provide support to the carers and support community groups.

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What were the key drivers that led you to look for a location-based solution?

As our organisation grew, we realised we had several non-technical ways of looking after lone workers with no common practice across the organisation. This generally involved staff members calling each other prior to going into situations then calling back afterward to say they were okay. We wanted a solution that would give us more confidence, a standard methodology and also felt we should exploit the technology available. We also have a relatively small management team and they felt that they needed help to ensure an effective response to potential incidents and a more professional approach to staff safety.

What were the factors that led you to choose TrackaPhone as your solution provider?

The 24/7 response centre was a key factor, but also the Alert Client App was perfect for our mix of staff with differing technical competences as it is easy to use, and this is proven by our experience of our staff using the system easily and effectively.

What considerations or challenges did the project uncover and how did you overcome them?

  1. The technical challenges of using an app on a phone for some members of staff could have been challenging, but with the comprehensive TrackaPhone training we were able to overcome this relatively easily. Now we have taken over the training ourselves and have a simple in-house training mechanism for new users of the service, based on the original training which has proven to be very successful and well received.
  2. The emotive subject of locating staff had the potential to cause end user resistance, but once staff were informed of the safety aspects and the tight privacy controls around location as well as the real drivers of our organisation being the staff safety and not a big brother solution staff were reassured.

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How has the TrackaPhone service benefited you or your organisation?

Although we have not had any real incidents yet, the system itself has given staff a sense of ease, knowing that they are protected whether in a high-risk meeting or driving in bad weather. The previous system impacted on staff’s personal lives, particularly when the system failed and staff perhaps in busy periods in their personal lives were suddenly having to drop everything to contact someone who had not been heard from. While these incidents always proved to be failings in the procedures rather than actual incidents the stress and panic remained the same. TrackaPhone deal with all our alerts false or otherwise and follow procedures to contact and verify alerts meaning we are not constantly panicking over false alarms any more.

As an organisation this has also given us more confidence that we are meeting our duty of care requirements and the service has helped us obtain the Contractors Health and Safety accreditation.

What has been the main impact on users of the TrackaPhone service?

Confidence and peace of mind of the end users as well as reducing the stress and panic and invasion of personal time when our existing systems failed.

How well was the service received by end users?

After initial suspicion the service was received very well and is now part of our daily routine operations.

How would you summarise the service as a whole?

“The TrackaPhone service has provided peace of mind for our staff and our whole organisation, because we now know we are providing the duty of care our staff deserve. The system has been easily adopted by a range of users with varying levels of technical confidence and is now part of our daily operations. The staff at TrackaPhone are always on hand to assist and are very knowledgeable about their service the value of it and the technical aspects of it. This was of particular benefit in the training they provided as it helped us get staff to engage and adopt the service quickly and effectively.” Mick Oldfield