There’s so many apps out there for businesses today that the difficulty is not finding one to do what you want, put picking the one that’s going to do it best.

To save you the trouble of trying them all, we’ve rounded up six of the ones we use on a daily basis and believe are among the best apps for businesses on the market.


Known worldwide, Paypal is the easiest and most efficient way to receive and make payments as a business.

All you need is an account to start accepting debit and credit card payments. With its free tier, payments will be processed on the PayPal website, but if you pay £20 to upgrade you can keep the checkout on your site. You’ll also get access to additional features that help you save time and manage your money better.


There is no better and more comprehensive note taking app on the market than Evernote. It also has a business version which many of the world’s biggest businesses make use of on a daily basis.

You can use Evernote to write notes, save articles, images, or resources from the web, create slide decks, annotate documents, and even send instant messages to your team. The business version is paid but you can try it out with its free 30-day trial.


Finding out what your customers really think used to be all but impossible. But now using survey apps you can find out everything with a few clicks.

SurveyMonkey is the best survey app for the job, and using its Enterprise solution you can ensure advanced reporting, integration with a whole host of platforms, and complete control and security over your data.

Otter Voice Notes

Whether you’re conducting interviews, writing up emails and announcements, or simply getting together your ideas, a good voice transcription service is one of the most versatile and useful mobile phone apps for businesses you can get.

The problem is the majority of them use up more time than they save. Otter Voice Notes, though, is one that transcribes conversations remarkably well. The software can even learn your voice and distinguish different speakers from a single conversation.

Google Apps

You can’t have a list of the best mobile phone apps for businesses without mentioning Google Apps. Google has developed a whole suite of mobile tools that are all easy to use and best of all, free.

From spreadsheets to calendars, cloud storage to word processing, you can use Google Apps across all of your devices and, importantly, switch to different ones and pick up where you left off as and when you please. As it’s all cloud-based, you also don’t have to pay hefty storage costs or worry about losing your data.


Google Maps and GPS devices are great for getting around, but when it comes to getting real-time and accurate information on traffic and accidents, Waze (also made by Google) wins hands down.

Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app that pulls information in from its users as they’re driving, meaning you’ll never get caught out by bottlenecks or traffic jams. All this means saved time and effort and much less stressful journeys.