There was a time, not too long ago, when it was incredibly difficult for businesses to monitor their workers when they were on the road or out in the field.

But today, pretty much everyone has a computer in their pockets, and with a little added technology, they can be turned into powerful tools for businesses to monitor and manage their staff.

No matter how big your team and how far they roam, check out these five ways your business can benefit from GPS phone tracking.

1. Time Clock

One of the added advantages of GPS phone tracking, other than reporting location, is that it can be used as a time clock. Employees can log their locations as a way of keeping tabs on how many hours they’ve been working or doing a certain task. This can help make billing easier, improve productivity, and also help in keeping records of time spent at particular sites.

2. Driving Behaviour

GPS tracking is a well-known way for businesses to track vehicles and manage company fleets. But lesser known is that GPS mobile tracking can also be used to monitor the behaviour of drivers when they are behind the wheel. For instance, you can use it track speed and set up alerts to be notified in the event they practice unsafe behaviour that could put them and the vehicle at risk.

3. Navigation

Employees that spend a lot of time on the road need reliable and accurate data regarding certain routes and destinations they often use. GPS phone tracking can provide this information and at the same time help businesses ensure staff are following the prescribed route. Employees that are abusing company vehicles or slacking will thus be quickly picked up, and businesses will benefit from increased efficiency and lower costs.

4. Accountability

When employees know that you can monitor their locations, driving behaviour, and time spent on certain jobs, they’re much less likely to go against orders and fall behind on schedules. For businesses, this means better-behaved employees, but it also means safer lone workers and everything from fewer accidents and traffic violations to quicker response times and lower insurance costs.

5. Efficiency

Perhaps the biggest benefit of GPS phone tracking for businesses is increased efficiency. Tracking systems can not only save time and money when out on the road, but also in general make employees more task-orientated and focused on getting the job done.

As is clear with the rise of devices like smartwatches, people like to be able to self-monitor and make use of their data. GPS phone tracking can help staff improve how efficient they are and how much control they have over their time, and as a result, make them much more productive, effective, and satisfied in their work.