With recent worries over data protection and individual privacy, it’s easy to forget that, when used right, tracking solutions are actually one of the best ways to look after the safety and welfare of your employees and business.

Not only that, but the main purpose of such products are to improve business operations as a whole — including making yours and your team’s days easier and more productive.

So let’s take a closer look, from both a managerial and employee perspective, at a few of the leading reasons why you should use mobile phone tracking in your business.

1. Location Tracking & Efficiency

As well as knowing where your team is in real time, you can use mobile phone tracking in your business to discover regular patterns and inefficiencies that are playing out over the longer term.

This can help to decrease time spent travelling between destinations, iron out discrepancies in arrival and departure times, and overall optimise how you and your team use its time.

What’s best about using a specialised phone tracking service is that it comes with the system to collate all the data and put it into practice. From an easy-to-use mapping interface, you can view a three month data trail and archive reports as you require.

2. “Zones” & Critical Alerts

Some of the above can be achieved by using telematics systems and fleet management technology. However, what makes mobile phone tracking so different and much more flexible is that it can also be used when employees leave their vehicles and go traveling on foot.

A good example of this is the points of interest feature. Using phone tracking software, you can allocate points of interest such as your premises or salesroom into “zones”. Specific data can then be gathered on these zones such as time of arrival, time spent on site, and proof of attendance, to ensure everything is running smoothly and without issue.

When problems do arise, such as a member of your team leaving a zone before a client arrives, automated alerts allow you to react instantly and not be left wasting precious time or losing a crucial sale.

3. Lost Devices & Battery monitoring

Smartphones are tools — particularly when running a business. And so, from taking calls to finding a destination, fact checking to drafting documents, we need them to be always on hand and ready to use.

The obvious benefit of mobile phone tracking here is if a member of a team loses their phone, you will know immediately and be able to take action. The other, just as important benefit is that it can monitor a phone’s battery levels and alert the employee and/or managers if the battery is too low to last until the end of the working day.

Both these features mean your team will never be at a meeting without key information or out of contact or left stranded due to an accident or unforeseen event. And as a result, both you and them will be able to keep their mind fully on the task at hand.