17 07, 2018

4 of the Best Tools for Managing Remote Employees

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If you run a remote team then you’re at no shortage of tools and systems to use to help manage them. The key is not finding remote tools, then, but knowing which ones are the really worth your time and which deserve to be thrown out before even beginning. To [...]

10 07, 2018

The Employers Initiative On Domestic Abuse

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TrackaPhone is proud to be a member of The Employers Initiative on domestic abuse. The statistics for domestic abuse in the UK are truly shocking. In England and Wales on average, seven women a month are killed by a current or former partner and one in four women and one [...]

1 05, 2018

You already have an employee protection system in your business!

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You already have an employee protection system in your business! We can turn it on for you. This doesn't need to be complicated, if you have phones of any type in your organisation then you already have the tools to deliver an effective employee protection system. "It's nice to have someone on [...]

1 05, 2018

Keep You and Your Employees Safe

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Sometimes we just need a little help. One of the most popular features of our employee protection service is the ability to have someone on the line while you have to do something that makes you feel uneasy. Whether it’s crossing a stream or a flooded street, or walking through a [...]

1 05, 2018

You can provide the tools – but do they use them properly?

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Once you have an employee protection system, how do you know they are using it? ​Sometimes you provide the right tools, but do they use them in the right way? One of the most requested features of the TrackaPhone Employee Protection Service by companies replacing an exisiting system, is our administration suite [...]