One of the biggest challenges in providing and employee protection system for your staff is ensuring that the employees have mobile network coverage when they need it. Our Amber Alert system combats this for most, however for organisations working in remote rural locations this can mean employees at risk for extended periods in locations with no communications.

The Garmin In Reach range solves this problem allowing employees to communicate over the Global Iridium network anywhere in the world.

We have  been working hard to ensure that with the Garmin In Reach range you get all the normal benefits of a TrackaPhone employee protection system.

  • Full live and historical GPS tracking.
  • Garmin SOS alert button.
  • TrackaPhone amber alert mandown system
  • 24/7 BS8484 emergency response service
  • Geofence alerts
  • Two way communications
  • User details portal for ease of device sharing.

For more information or to arrange a trial, email