protect and manage your people vehicles and assets

Asset Tracking and Recovery

From diggers to laptops.
For commercial or private protection of your valued assets we have a solution for you.


TrackaPhone’s comprehensive Asset Tracking & Recovery services allow you to locate, manage and protect all your assets large and small.

After an initial assessment of your requirements we can advise on the best solution in terms of device size, capabilities and battery requirements; location technologies, and even response and recovery services where a stolen asset will be located in the field and physically recovered with police involvement if required.

For very good reason we do not showcase our asset tracking products or methods on line so if you would like to know more please contact us.

Why do you need an Asset Tracking System?

To manage and monitor assets in the field; for efficient deployment and utilisation.
For the ongoing protection of vulnerable and high value assets from theft or misuse.
Running a sting operation to combat ongoing instances of theft to identify and prosecute the culprits.

Key Features

Geofencing Blue
Points of interest can be identified using zones
Create zones around points of interests and then report on the activity such as time of arrival and time spent at a location.
Alerts and Escalations Blue
Alerts based on pre-defined zones
In addition you can generate real time alerts to let you know if an asset has entered or left a location. e.g. If an asset has been moved without your consent.
battery monitor
Battery monitoring and threshold alerts
These can be both for the battery levels of the asset and the tracking device within it.
Commands and diagnostics Blue
Remote device commands & diagnostics
Turn different technologies on and off, measure and alert to communication, location and perfromance of devices.
Full real time and historical reporting
Either view live on the mapping interface or export reports on location and device performance history.
route snail trail
Snail trail location history
View up to 3 months history via the mapping interface and zom in to analyse specific instances and locations as required.
MultipleLocation Technologies Blue
Multiple location technologies improve accuracy
TrackaPhone use a range of location technologies to help locate and if necessary recover your asset including RF beacons to get pin point accuracy on the ground.
Secure and hierarchical access to the live data
You can manage multiple logins to the system and control what they can see and also what they can do.
Security Privacy Blue
All data stored in ISO27001 data centre
All data is securely stored and all our services meet or exceed the Industry Code of Practice. In addition TrackaPhone is ACPO Secured by Design accredited.
project management
Advice, consultancy and project management
With such a wide range of Asset Tracking projects and devices we can help you design and implement your solution to get the best out of your investment
professional installation
Fully insured and warrantied installation service (on request)
If required we can provide a professional installation service by FITAS engineers, and all our work is fully insured and warrantied.
24 7
24/7 monitoring of asset alerts 
We can monitor your assets for you and report any unusual behaviour or even recover stolen assets on your behalf.