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Employee Protection Solutions

Sometimes it's about knowing someone will call for help when you can't.
It's nice to have someone on your side.


What are the risks you and your colleagues face day to day from illness, accident or aggression?

We provide a range of solutions to get assistance to your lone workers and employees at risk.


Our solutions work on any mobile device, any mobile network and anywhere, allowing us to locate you, and get help when it is needed.

You can manage alerts in house, through a buddy system or we can manage the whole service for you and where needed, escalate to the correct regional emergency services.

"Sometimes it’s just about having someone on the end of the line when you feel most vulnerable."

"Sometimes it’s about knowing someone will call for help when you can’t."

Our agents will help you design and implement a solution, from scoping out your requirement to delivery and training of your employees and responders, and ensure the system meets your current and future requirements.

Key Features

Device independant Blue
Solutions for any phone or smart-phone
TrackaPhone can utilise the hardware you already have with a range of solutions for any phone or smart phone using the TrackaPhone 'Alert Client' app.
mandown Blue
Automatic mandown alert systems
We offer a range of mandown solutions including time, motion and location based alert systems that will call for help when an employee is unable to press a panic button or call for help themselves.
Commands and diagnostics Blue
Remote device commands & diagnostics
Our diagnostic capabilities allow you to  monitor the health of your solution including battery levels, network availability and communication failures. In addition you can remotely alter the configurabe settings to get the best out of the system and tailor it to individual requirements.
Specialist Devices
Specialist lone worker devices
In addition to our mobile phone and smart phone solutions, we can also provide specialist BS8484 compliant hardware specifically designed for the location and  protection of employees.
Geofencing Blue
Location based geofence alerts
You can use the system to alert when an employee enters a known danger zone or if they fail to reach a safe zone by a certain time, such as not informing a manager that an employee has not made it home at the end of the day.
24 7
24/7 Emergency Response Services, including BS8484 accredited services
We have a range of solutions for managing the alert escalations ranging from running the service in house to full 24/7 BS8484 Emergency Response Services giving you maximum peace of mind.
Alert features to enable employees to manage risk
All our solutions allow the end user to get help when they need it, as well as pre-arming the system when undertaking a task with known increased risk or where the risk is not known. In this way the employee can easily manage their own risk assessment using the TrackaPhone system as they undergo different tasks.
battery monitor
Battery Monitoring and threshold alerts
As well as reporting on battery levels, you can also set up alerts to inform employees or their managers of their battery is too low to make it to the end of a working day thus preventing employees from being unprotected.
Real time and historical reporting
Our reporting tools allow you to monitor whether your employees are using the system correctly and regularly and in addition you can elect to have full access to their live and historical locations. we hold 3 months of history visible through the mapping interface, but you can also archive reports as you require.
All data stored in an ISO27001 data centre
We take security and privacy very seriously, all data is securely stored in a data centre with full redundancy to ensure the system is always up and running when it is most needed.
MultipleLocation Technologies Blue
Multiple location technologies to ensure best possible accuracy
It's not just GPS, we have a range of location technologies we can access to ensure we get the best information available when your employee is in trouble.
user details portal
Secure on line, mobile friendly user portal
Each employee can securely access and edit their own personal data to ensure that we have accurate information when we need it. Together we agree what information we hold for your employees and either an internal administrator or the employees themselves can easily keep it up to date.
voice recording
Integrated voice call activated alarm system
Our integrate voice system allows employees to leave recorded messages, generate alerts from a phone call, and set up recorded alert conference calls with responders at the push of a button.
Broadcasts SMS Blue
Broadcast SMS messaging to registered mobile devices
if you need to get an urgent message ut to your staff you can send briadcast SMS to individuals, groups or the whole base with recorded delivery so you know they have received the message.
Picture capture
Picture capture allows employees to record time and location stamped evidence
Some systems allow users to take pictures in the field for purposes of evidence capture or to record a specific location. These are then timestamped and recorded on the management interface within the context of the users location. 
Picture capture
Full project management
It's not all about the technology, we will guide you through the process from initial scoping to delivery, training and ful project management using our proven in house project planning tools to ensure a pain free implementation
Status reporting Blue
Status reports functions
Some solutions allow users to record activity for management purposes, these activities are defined by you but could include items such as Busy, available for job, on leave or even used to describe a specific location e.g. 'In Boiler Room'.
Secure and hierarchical access to the live data
You can control who has access to the management system, what they can see and what they can do. There is no limit to the number of logins and you can choose to manage the solution centrally, or micromanage teams.