protect and manage your people vehicles and assets

Mobile Phone Tracking

You already have the necessary equipment, we can turn any mobile phone in to a tracking solution.


Are you getting the most out of your mobile devices?

Do you know where all your mobile employees are, where they have been and if they are safe?

Many organisations are looking to leverage more out of their company phones to improve their ability to manage, and protect their mobile employees and mobile devices.

With the TrackaPhone system you can:

  • Provide an additional level of protection for your mobile workforce

  • Locate all your employees at any time

  • Monitor and report on employee activity

  • View the mobile phone location history

  • Find the closest employee to a location

  • Prove attendance to a site

  • Locate lost phones

Key Features

Device independant Blue
TrackAphone Alert Client works on all devices
TrackaPhone have a range of tracking solutions for any phone or smart phone using the TrackaPhone Alert Client App
battery monitor
Battery monitoring and threshold alerts
We monitor the phone battery levels and you can set the system to alert the employee and/or managers if the battery is too low to last to the end of the working day.
route snail trail
Snail trail location history
As well as viewing the  live locations, you can also view up to 3 month's history trail through the mapping interface. You can also archive reports as you require.
Geofencing Blue
Geofencing zones
Points of interest such as your customer premises can be identified using zones and you can measure activity such as time of arrival, time spent on site and proof of attendance.
Commands and diagnostics Blue
Remote device commands & diagnostics
As well as collecting the locations you can see other diagnostics such as battery, network availability, and remotely request a full diagnostic from the devices.
MultipleLocation Technologies Blue
Multiple location technologies to ensure accuracy
we don't just use GPS to track phones, we use a range of location technologies to enure we get the best available location, even when the device is indoors.
Automated alerts based on pre-defined zones
Alerts can be generated when someone leaves or enters one of the zones you have created allowing you to react instantly to business critical information.
Full real time and historical reporting
Alll the data can be generated in HTML or CSV reports allowing you to analyse employee and device activity.
Broadcasts SMS Blue
Broadcast SMS messaging
With one of our communications packages you can use the system to send proof od delivery SMS messages to quickly disseminate information to individuals, groups or all your employees.
Picture capture
Picture capture records time and location
Some devices allow employees to capture time stamped picture evidence of incidents such as traffic accidents or vandalsim.
Status reporting Blue
Status reports allow user updating of status
With some devices we can provide a bespoke list of status reports allowing employees to update their activity such as 'on leave', 'available for next job'. 'in meeting' or even record the start and stop time of a job to allow you to bill accurately.
Secure and hierarchial access to live data
You can have multiple management logins to the system and can control what users can see and what they can do.