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“Overall my experience of using TrackaPhone has been excellent. They respond quickly to enquiries and requests for either information or modification of the platform”

“I have been dealing with TrackaPhone for the past 5 years for the provision of their tracking platform. During that time I have liaised closely with the company at all levels to ensure that the product remains up to date and capable of interfacing with new products as they come into service. Problems and faults are dealt with promptly by their help desk, and the majority of issues are cleared up on the phone. Because of the nature of my work a high level of confidentiality is expected from our outside contractors. TrackaPhone always meet the high standards I expect and we have had no issues of security or confidentiality breaches during our relationship. The company operate within the guidelines laid out in the OFCOM Code of Practice for the suppliers of tracking services. Their team of directors (Phil Derry and Martin Worth) are both very approachable and will always make themselves available to discuss technical issues and possible modifications that would benefit us in the way we use their products. They have also proved to be a valuable conduit into other commercial companies with whom they deal, often passing on information relating to new products coming to market which they feel would be useful to me, and providing introductions to these companies when necessary. Financially they have held their prices steady throughout the period of our involvement, and I believe their product provides good value for money.”

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