Typically, asset tracking is one of the tools a business only turns to after something drastic has already happened.

It could be the theft of a high-value asset. Or the loss of irreplaceable company data.

Whatever it is, to avoid any such problems in the future, the business decides to invest in an asset tracking system and makes the effort to implement it into their business.

In doing so, they are usually shocked to find asset tracking is not only a great line of prevention against disaster, but that it’s also an invaluable tool for streamlining organisation and improving overall efficiency of operations.

Not to mention they discover it is also faster, cheaper, and easier to use and implement than they could have ever believed.

For reasons you can imagine, we don’t showcase or explain the methods of our asset tracking products online. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t look in detail at some of the more specific benefits of using such an asset tracking system in your business.

Why do you need an Asset Tracking System?

– To manage and monitor assets in the field; for efficient deployment and utilisation.
– For the ongoing protection of vulnerable and high value assets from theft or misuse.
– Running a sting operation to combat ongoing instances of theft to identify and prosecute the culprits.

Protect and prevent

If your business involves a lot of moving around of your assets, particularly high value ones, then an asset tracking system can be invaluable for helping safeguard them against loss, misuse, and theft.

For instance, moving equipment and devices within an organisation often results in them being ‘misplaced’, and as a result, the duplication of assets. With asset tacking technology, you avoid such instances from occurring and, therefore, make the most efficient use of the assets you already own.

Deter and Prosecute

An asset tracking system can be used on everything from laptops to diggers. And, as it bears no noticeable mark on the item, it is the ideal way to combat ongoing instances of theft and prosecute the culprits.

As such a system is so covert — unlike CCTV and security guards — once a thief realises it is in use, they will be deterred from stealing from your business again. Also, as it’s based in technology, such a system can be permanently implemented for many high-value assets at the fraction of the costs of other safety measures.