Sometimes we just need a little help. One of the most popular features of our employee protection service is the ability to have someone on the line while you have to do something that makes you feel uneasy.

Whether it’s crossing a stream or a flooded street, or walking through a badly lit car park on your own, sometimes we all find ourselves in a situation where we need to get through it but it doesn’t feel safe.

  • Would you call the emergency services for something that hasn’t happened?
  • You could call a friend or colleague, but will they answer, and what can they do?
  • Have you or your colleagues ever been in a situation like this?

With TrackaPhone, we are always there, 24/7/365, just one button press away. We wil locate you, stay on the line and ensure you are safe and assured. If need be we can call the correct regional emergency services at the same time.

We will contact your colleagues or next of kin as instructed and we will not leave you until we know you are safe. ‘It’s nice to have someone on your side.’