If you’ve heard about vehicle tracking systems but are not quite sure about how they could benefit your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a lot of noise around the web in this area regarding employee privacy. However, when used properly, vehicle tracking can be a huge asset to your business and actually improve the safety and welfare of your staff.

Without further ado, then, here are five of the greatest benefits of vehicle tracking systems for businesses and employees alike.

1. Real Time Tracking

If you operate a fleet of vehicles or your team spends a lot of time on the road, real-time vehicle tracking will allow you to conveniently monitor them all from one central dashboard.

Whether it’s to see where the nearest driver to a destination is in that moment or track employee driving habits over the long term, real-time tracking can help you reduce unnecessary mileage, eradicate fraudulent vehicle use, and overall greatly improve efficiency of your operations.

2. Fleet Upgrade

One of the biggest benefits of vehicle tracking systems is that it can be used to collect and crunch data not only on your team, but on the vehicles they use over long periods of time.

Gathering information like average speed and engine performance allow you to assess your vehicles as a whole and see which areas of your fleet need to be improved. This data is invaluable to fleet managers and, as well as reducing monthly spending, can help avoid accidents and offset maintenance costs.

3. Mobile Technology

Vehicle tracking used to be clunky and difficult to manage. Today, however, with mobile technology and instant notifications, using such a system is as easy as flipping open a laptop or installing an app on your smartphone.

The clearest benefit of this is that you can keep an eye on your fleet from wherever you are, at whatever hour. The next benefit is that with instant alerts on events like starts, route deviations, speeding, and stoppages, you can be informed without even having to check the system. Together, these qualities make vehicle tracking today quick and easy for any non-expert.

4. Administration and Time

There are many technologies and tools today that can do in an instant what used to take a whole office of people a week. Vehicle tracking and fleet optimisation is one of them.

This saving of time, energy, and resources tops the list of benefits of vehicle tracking systems for most businesses. By investing once in a piece of technology, businesses can focus more of their attention on processes and activities more in line with profit and growth, while also benefiting from greater analysis and savings on their fleet than ever before.

5. Protection of Drivers

It’s what every business worries about, and yet, very few put the measures in place to prevent it. It’s the time something unfortunate happens to an employee or their vehicle that puts them, and as a result, your business, at major risk.

By using a vehicle tracking system, you are prepared and on hand for whenever such events occur — which inevitably they will. If an employee is in an accident, you can locate them and resolve the situation quickly. If their car is stolen, you can be alerted and immobilise the vehicle instantly.

In short, whenever your team or your business is at risk, vehicle tracking systems put you in the best possible position to take the action you need to.