Fleet tracking, telematics, GPS tracking; there are many names for the technology businesses use to keep an eye on their vehicles. And yet, as its list of benefits are so long and far reaching, there still probably isn’t enough.

Rather than you having to go through them all, we’ve put together a list of the six most significant benefits of fleet tracking software and systems for small businesses. After all, such technologies are all about saving precious time and money.

1. Reduce Insurance Cost

It costs a pretty penny to insurance a fleet of company cars, particularly when it’s your core business model. But when you install a GPS tracking system in your fleet, it greatly improves the safety of the vehicles and drivers, and as a result, can lead to significant reduction in insurance premiums.

2. Locate Your Vehicles

Businesses can benefit in many ways from using fleet tracking to monitor where their vehicles are at all times. For instance, they’re able to inform customers of arrival or delivery times, record and improve driver behaviour, and ensure that none of the vehicles are used for anything other than company business. Not to mention loss of vehicles through theft almost certainly becomes a thing of the past.

3. Manage Maintenance

As it provides alerts on things like engine use, time, and mileage, one of the biggest benefits of fleet tracking for businesses is in managing maintenance. Not only does it allow drivers to get support when in trouble, but it also helps avoid accidents and breakdowns altogether — resulting in a lot of saved time, aggravation, and money.

4. Minimise Operating Costs

As you can see, the benefits of fleet tracking always lead in one way or another to saving money. Some of the most significant costs that businesses save on are fuel, overtime expenses, and unauthorised usage. In particular, after installing a fleet tracking system, businesses are often surprised with how much fuel they save simply due to regulating driver behaviour and habits.

5. Improve Safety

Greater tracking always means greater safety. And when it comes to getting your drivers, goods, and vehicles where they need to be safely, this could not be more true. Should there be a problem on the road, drivers can instantly call for help and another vehicle will be sent to the exact location they’re at. The result is much less downtime and much more time spent on moving forward.

6. Build Trust

Aside from the more apparent benefits of fleet tracking, the technology is also a great way to show your customers another level of commitment and earn their trust. They can be kept in the loop at every stage of the delivery of goods, find out all the details they want to know, and be safe in the knowledge that whatever they’re waiting for will arrive.