What are the biggest risks that face your employees?

Typically, the answers to this question fall into one of three categories: illness, accidents, and vulnerability.

Although there are some modes and methods you can put in place to help manage these meta-risks, businesses have long lacked a solution that can help deal with all three.

Today, however, pretty much every one of your employees has a device in their pocket at all times that can be used to help minimise all these risks and improve their safety and wellbeing while at work.

We’re talking about smartphones, and more specifically, mobile tracking solutions.

Mobile tracking solutions help protect your employees by providing them with a quick and easy connection to help — wherever and whenever they need it. They work on any device, and can hook up to one central point, link to a buddy system, or be completely managed by the company that installed the software.

To help you decide if a tracking solution is right for you, let’s dive into the three biggest risks that face your employees and look at exactly how mobile tracking solutions can help protect them.


Illness can strike at any time, particularly if you’re working in industries that involve food production, different environments, and interaction with lots of people.

When your employees come down with an illness, you want to know about it instantly. Not only will this help to minimise its effects and help them get the treatment they need quickly, it means you’ll be able to quickly arrange cover and reduce any downtime.

Each year, millions of working days in the UK are lost due to sickness. It can be anything from minor coughs and colds to major concerns such as depression and other mental health conditions. It’s a fact that businesses that install mobile tracking solutions report their employees take significantly fewer sick days — particularly among older workers and those with long standing conditions.


Your team is you biggest asset, and when they’re out on site and putting themselves in harms way — especially in summer when we have longer days and drier weather — you want to do all you can to protect them.

Accidents can be disruptive on both a personal and business level. They can put individuals out of work for a long time, mean you need to find and train replacements, and result in a significant amount of down time and unnecessary outgoings for you both.

This is truer in construction than any other industry. The accident and fatality rate is more than double the average of other industries, and as a result, without the use of a mobile tracking solution, businesses can suffer from thousands of lost work days and millions in lost income.


When you have staff that work alone, in dangerous situations, and/or with people who are considered a risk, sometimes all they need is the knowledge that they have support available should they need it.

Mobile tracking solutions do exactly that. Rather than an invasion of privacy, such technology is actually a highly effective way to increase the safety of your employees. It can let you know where they are and alert you when they fail to reach a certain zone by a given time. Such capabilities are important, for example, in the event of a natural disaster or when working with certain groups of people.